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Ever since
It started going nowhere
We\'ve lost the chance
To make one last escape
Now it\'s time
To take the step my lover
The world is down
We\'ve seen its finest days

Your regrets
They make that so much bitter
Calm yourself
And put your doubts away
The time has come -
Your finger\'s on the trigger
The world is down
We\'ve seen its finest days...

...The day the Kingdom has come
The day we\'ve shared the crown
All these memories - let them slip
They make you feeling
Feeling so weak

Quit that
Unneeded speech
Shut up, bitch
Feel the cold
Inside your mind

It\'s reckless
I know that
Stop it
It\'s so sad
Forget the rules
And cross the line
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Другие названия этого текста
  • Ocean Jet - Beat Me
  • Ocean Jet (мой альбом) - Beat Me
  • Ocean Jet - Ghost
  • Ocean Jet Оушен Ет - Beat Me
  • Ocean Jet - Beat me (Live)

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